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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is Object-Oriented Methodology?

Object- Oriented Programming (OOP) is one of the most popular methodologies in software development. It offers a very powerful model for creating computer programs. It speeds the program development process, improves maintenance, and enhances reusability of programs.

Object-Orientation is a software develpoment methodology that is based on modeling a real-world system. An object is the core concept involved in object orientation. An object is a representation of a real-world entity or concept. For Example :- a window, a ball, a bat, a motorbike, a animal can be modeled as objects. You can think of an object-oriented model as a collection of objects and their inter-relationships.

The Foundation of Object-Orientation

Object-orientation is a type of methodology used for building software applications. An object-oriented program consists of classes, object and methods.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome To The World Of Coding

Codes the most important, typical, tough & easy in computers. May be some people get surprised that I said codes most easy in computers. Each & every one knows that codes is how much typical & tough but nobody knows that they are very easy if you are interested to learn them. I'll tell how to learn, recite & use codes in computers. Some are C#, SQL Server 2005, GUI Application Development, ADO.Net, ASP.Net, Xml. We'll start with C#.

Friday, June 18, 2010

HP Introduces application testing software

HP has thought of introducing the application testing software that would be based on the company’s database, which would use the production data for testing and at the same time protecting the data too. It also enables the masking of the susceptible data, to keep the data secure and safe as well.
If one uses the actual data it helps the developers the best angle on how the application is actually working. HP Test Data Management extracts and masks data so developers do not need database administrators to give them a replica of production data. It would be made available on June 30th this year, and the prices would start from some thousand dollars.
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