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Friday, September 18, 2009

Harness The Online Masses for Logo Design

I Love to work on Computer..I'm a designer by passion love to work on Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw. From last one month I was taking part in LOGO TOURNAMENT. Here you got lots of designer who designs a logo for your bussiness & submits entries. The winner nets your prepaid bounty, and you get full rights to the logo.

Some company owner's was little skeptical about turning to the online community rather than relying on a single designer. But only a few days into your contest you get few submissions that could work, among dozens other attempts. As you get closer to your deadline more designers will add entries. If you don't get at least 30 entries, Logotournament offers a refund.

The process still relies on your direction, just as in traditional design work. You fill out an initial identity questionare describing the bussiness or product. A dozen slider help you decide how playful or serious and how quiet or loud the logo should be.

As designers upload their pitches, you rank the results and provide more feedback. Everyone sees this process, so if something is wrong for your needs, others will know to avoid similer pitfalls. It's surprisingly interactive while still being simple.

At the end of the contest, you pick the final winner. That person uploads an .EPS file that will work great for a letterhead, Web design, or any other use. Once you've appored it, Logotournament transfers the winning prize that it has held in escrow, minus a 15 percent fee.

the process and low cost are ideal for small bussinesses and startups. But medium-size companies could benefit from the brainstorming, too even if they can afford a dedicated designer.

Deleted Facebook Photos Remain Online

PHOTOS POSTED On populer websites, including Facebook can still be viewed even after they have been deleted by the user, say Cambridge University researchers. The reasearchers surveyed 16 websites including MYSpace and Flickr. They Posted photographs to the websites and noted their URLs before deleting them. However, when they checked back 30 days later, the links worked on seven of the site.

"This demonstrates how social networking sites often take a lazy approach to user privacy, doing what's simpler rather than what is correct," one of the reasearchers, Joseph Bonnueu. "It's imperative to view privacy as design constraint, not a legal add-on."

Facebook told the BBC: "When a user deletes a photograph from Facebook it is removed from our servers immediately. However, URL's to photographs may contibue to exist on the Content Delivery Network (CDN) after users delete them from facebook, until they are overwritten. This usually happens after a short period of time."

The reasearch revealed that dedicated photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Google's Picasa removed the images immediately, unlike the social networks.

In my suggestion I don't think that you post your photos on these social networking sites cause they effect your privacy....your personal life...anyone can use these images if he / she noted their URL's, so these photos can easily saved in computer and get edited by any photo editing software.... after editing they can republish these photos in a new look and in a new manner.

Now is totaly depends on you what you will do??????

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is Your PC Ready for Windows 7???

Microsoft is going to officialy launch WINDOWS 7 on 22nd October. WINDOWS 7 a new operating system are you really thinking to buy it??? HOLD DOWN A SECOND you have to check that your PC is really ready for WINDOWS 7??

MICROSOFT HAS RELEASED the beta version of its Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, a free utility that assesses whether you PC is ready to run Winqows 7. It scans your sytem's internel componants, external peripherals, and programs for potential compatibility problems, and it suggests upgrade options such drivers to replace. It's a good idea to run Upgrade Advisor if you plan to install the free Windows 7 Release Candidate download on you PC.

I ran the Upgrade Advisor on a 2-year-old Gateway MX8734 laptop configured with a 1.6GHz Intel Pentium T2060 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and a 160GB hard drive (all of which met Windows 7's minimum requirements). The compatibility check took about 6 minutes and found a few potential issues, but no conflicts with installed programs.

Upgrade Advisor also noted that Windows 7 doesn't include Web filtering (Windows Mail and Parental Controls), and it included a link to Microsoft's Windows Live Essentials site, where you can download the free Family Safety utility.

The Upgrade Advisor utility runs on Windows Vista and on Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Add a Contact Me Page (Form) To Your Blogger/BlogSpot Blog

Whether you have a personal or a commercial blog, one of the important pages which must be present on every blog is a "Contact Us/Me" page. It is through this page, that your visitors give you their suggestions, feedback and advice.

While you can create a simple "Contact" page, with your name and email ID, but to give it a more professional look, you must have an embedded "contact-me" form in the page. Although there are many websites, which allow to create and embed a fully customized form, but finally when the visitor clicks on the "Submit" button, s/he will be redirected to the contact-form provider's website...

But now you can use the FREE service from EmailMeForm, which not only lets you to create and embed the form [fully customized], but even the landing page (Thank You page) will be decided by you !

So first you have to create a "Contact Me" and a "Thank You" page, [Publish both pages with some older post dates, so that they may not appear on your Home page, but can be linked from any page].
Register at EmailMeForm and create your first contact-form. Then copy and add the code to your contact-me page.

Check out the live example of this form, at my own "contact me" page !

With Thanks From : BloggerStop
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