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Monday, July 19, 2010

Characteristics of the Object-Oriented Approach Part-2

As i discussed in previous article the first two Characteristics of the Object-Oriented Approach. In this article we discussed about the other two Characteristics of the Object-Oriented Approach.

Resilience to Change

The object-oriented approach allows systems to evolve. When a change is suggested, the old system need not be completely abandoned. Consider the example of Joy Toys, Inc., is a company that manufactures toys for children in the age group of 1 to 12. Its car toys are popular with children because of their attractive colors, shape and sound.

For a couple of years, the company had no cause for complain about the design of the toy car. However, due to the advancement in technology and increasing competition, the designers now want to stop manufacturing the old car because the market requirements have changed. They want the company to manufacture a car that has flashing lights and is remotely controlled.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Characteristics of the Object-Oriented Approach in C#

As discussed earlier, an object has a state, behavior and identity. An object is reusable. Therefore, an object exists as a stand-alone entity that can be used in any relevant context, For example, if you have a chair, you can use the same chair in an office, in a classroom, or in a garden.

An existing object can be used to create a similar object. For example, you have a simple wooden chair and you need to add a headrest to it. You do not need to create a new chair because you can easily add a headrest to the existing chair. This is known as resilience to change.

Realistic Modeling

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Introduction to Classes in C# Tutorial

Previously I introduced you Objects in C#. Today I'll give you the introduction of Classes in C#

Look at the world around you. It is full of objects of various shapes, sizes, colors and behavior. For example,  the earth is inhabited by millions of animals. A zoologist cannot do any meaningful study of these objects without organizing this vast variety of animals found in the world in a logical manner. Thus, the zoologists have classified animals into kingdoms, genus, families and species.

All animals and birds, which are essentially objects, can be classified on the basis of their common attributes. For example, the peacock, the sparrow and the kingfisher are all birds. All of them share characteristics that are common to the family of birds. All of them lay eggs, are covered with feathers, have hollow bone structures and have the ability to fly. Therefore, they share structural and behavioral similarities and belong to the class called Birds.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Introduction to Objects in C# Tutorial

 An object is a combination of messages and data. Objects can receive and send messages and use messages to interact with each other. The messages contain information that is to be passed to the recipient object.

An object literally means a 'material thing' that's is capable of being presented to the senses. For our purpose, an object is tangible entity that may exhibit some well-defined behavior. For example, let us consider a  Football :

  • A football is a tangible entity, with a visible boundary.
  • A football has a specific defined purpose (such as bouncing).
  • You can direct a specific action towards a football by kicking it or tossing it.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blogger Introduces A New Feature Blogger Stats

It seems blogger does not want to keep silence in being fallen behind other free blog providers. Feature by feature has been released in the past several months. The last news from Blogger, they now introduce the Blogger Statsfeature. In accordance with the name, Blogger Stats is the feature to view the statistics of blogs directly at blog dashboard.
Although for this purpose, we can use other parties, say Google analytic,which is Google service, but the direct statistics at the dashboard will be efficient as you do not need to open a new window or tab of the browser.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Get Related Content for Your Blog with the Zemanta Gadget. New feature of Blogger

A good news for blogger's. One year ago this blogger featured Zemanta, a tool that helps you get more out of blogging. Previously, Blogger users could install a Zemanta browser plugin to recommend content while you blog, enabling you to:

  • Read news to learn more about the topic
  • Link articles to improve the value of your post
  • Use pictures to make your post richer
but now from today blogger announce a new Zemanta Gadget which you can add by clicking on this link

See the webshots taken from Blogger Buzz

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