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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Information About Protein Powder and Supplements,

Information about protein powder and supplements

Protein shakes are in my opinion probably the most important supplement there is, and it is basically the only supplement that I use and will ever use. First off, unless you are taking something crazy like 800 grams of it a day or more, it is completely safe. No side effects or anything. Why do I use it and why is it so important? Well, because protein is the most important part of your diet, whether your goals are to increase muscle and get bigger and stronger, or lose weight and lose fat and get/stay lean. Protein is the building block of muscle, and without enough of it, your body won't build muscle.

So the obvious thing to be thinking now is, "why do I need protein shakes, can't I just get enough of it from regular foods?" The answer to that question is yes! But the problem here is, since we all know that for best results we should try to eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, it gets VERY hard to eat so much regular food every day. Not many people have time to make chicken breasts all day long, which is where protein shakes come in. They take just a minute or 2 to prepare, just scoop out the powder, put it in a cup, pour in a liquid of some kind (anything from water, to milk, to fruit juice), and mix it with a spoon for about 20 seconds, and drink. Each scoop usually has about 17.5 grams of protein (with basically zero fat and zero carbs) and is WAY more convenient then eating a regular food.

Of course, you should try to get most of your daily protein from regular foods, however, there are a few times of the day where protein shakes would be better then eating a regular food. One of these times is first thing in the morning. Your body has not eaten for the last 8 or so hours while you were sleeping, so a whey protein shake (which is the fastest digesting protein there is) would be the perfect thing to give your body. The same goes for directly after your workout. This is probably the most important time to have a shake. Since you just worked out, your muscles need to rebuild and repair themselves, and this is the most important time to give your body protein, so a shake right now would be a great idea.

I use Designer Protein Powder for my protein shakes. Why? Well, you must first make sure that the brand you buy is top quality, because there are tons of low quality powders around. Designer is one of, if not the best quality powder there is. They are the #1 selling powder in America (or at least it says that on the bottle). The next thing you have to look at when buying a protein powder is its taste. Trust me, no matter what brand you buy, none taste great. So, you just have to buy the one that tastes "best" and Designer is one of the best tasting powders there is. It won a whole bunch of taste test awards and all that junk, but take it first hand from me, of all the powders and protein shakes I've tried, this is the best tasting one. It comes in a whole bunch of flavors, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry (and more). I personally use and like the Strawberry the best.

Now comes price. A bottle of Designer Protein Powder is sold for $30.00 at your local GNC, which is where I used to buy it until I found a web site that sells it cheaper. So, I'd suggest buying all of your protein shakes, bars, powder and supplements online at this web site for the lowest price I've seen it for, which is $15.95. Click here to buy it or other supplements online CHEAP at Netrition now!
Questions, comments or feedback? Feel free to e-mail me at: IntenseWorkout@gmail.com

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