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Sunday, December 9, 2007

When a boy loves

- He tells you a hundred times he likes you and a thousand times he loves you.

- He holds you hand whenever he get the chance to.
- He always tries to hold your hand.

- He holds you tight like he never wants to let you go.

- He does the most stupidest things only in front of you.

- He shows his childish side only yo you.

- He learns to say 'I Love You' in many different languages.

- He'll walk with you, everywhere, shop with you, sit with you etc.

- He love you in every outfit you wear.

- There's never a day he'll not compliment you.

- He'll call you almost every time and talk all nonsense.

- He can't stay a minute without talking to you.

- He'll sacrifice everything for you and always tell you you're right.

- He'll never shout at you or ever make you cry.

- He'll help you anytime even when he won't help others.

- He'll try to kiss you whenever he is close to you.

- He gets jealous whenever you talk about other guys.

- He struggles to do everything you ask to do and he never ever complains.

- He stares at you like there's nothing else to look at in this world.

- He wants to be with you every time.

- He'll tell you when your dress is too short.

- He'll never say no to you.

- He gets upset when you don't give him attention.

- He takes care of you like you're his entire world.

- He'll push your hair back so they won't come into your eyes.

- He'll tell you you're beautiful and the likes even when it may not be true.

- He feels what you feel.

- He understands you like no one ever has.

- He always does things to bring a smile to your face.

- He'll say new sweet things every now and then.

- He makes you happy.

- He calls you just to tell you he cares.

- He'll sleep on your shoulder.

- He's shy just for you.

- He'll never keep a secret from you and shares everything with you.

- He changes himself because of you.

- He'll walk you home everyday.

- You trust him.

- He never let's anyone bitch about you or hurt you.

- He tells his friends to take care of you.

- He'll bear all your nonsense.

- He's frank with you.

- He'll trouble you when you won't give him attention.

- He'll do things to make you jealous, but you never tell him that.

- He's the only one that can handle you, be it in anger, sadness, happiness etc.

- You know he'll always be there for you.

- He gets angry when you say no but will get over it because he loves you so much.

- Your the only one who knows his passwords, account details, etc.

- He'll pamper you a lot and expects you to do the same.

- He'll always walk beside you.

- He does everything with you that he never does with anyone else.

- He sings song and smiles when he thinks about you.

- He dreams about you.

- He'll grab any opportunity to be with you.

- He knows only your name.

- He knows almost everything about you.

- He gives you small surprises now and then.

- He'll stop doing all the above one day and you'll wonder why and you'll actually want him to do
all those things.

- He is the one you like most and even develop feelings for him.

Isn't it true???

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