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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Aussies are Big Cheaters

They done it again & they are doing it regularly but no one is stopping them.

Aussies cricketers the biggest cheaters they always does these things now Indians are doing the right thing because if you treat them like human they shout on you & they will bite you but if treat him like they treat others they beg to you.
There is only one way to beat them to attack on them cause "Attack is the Best Defence" if you attack on them they have to defence but If you defence they will not leave you.
Aussies always think that they are the best & always right...I know they are the best there is no doubt about that but they are not always right because "No One is always right except God"

Ricky Ponting is the Biggest Lier on earth and now everthing is open but he has no shame at all he is saying the same thing that he is right thats not fair

In my opinion if ICC gave punishment to Harbhajan Singh so Indian Team come back to India


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