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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unbelievable things

U.S. President THOMAS JEFFERSON Received A Gift Of Two GRIZZLY BEARS In October 1807 And Kept Them On The White House Lawn For Months !

The EIFFEL TOWER Expends And Contracts Up To 7 Inches Per Day As The Structure's Metal Reacts To Heat From The Sun !

ORGANISMS That Live Within Rocks Are Known As ENDOLITHS, And Some Have Adapted To Consume The Rocks Themselves As A Food Source !

HOT BUTTON ISSUE In 2008 France's Nuclear Safety Authority Found That Hundreds Of Elevator Buttons Across The Country Had Been Made With Radioactive Metal !

THE EARTH'S GRAVITY Is Only About 10% WEAKER On The International Space Station That It's Here On The Ground !

KING ALFONSO Of Spain Who Ruled From 1886 - 1931. Was So Deaf That He Hired An "Anthem Man" Whose Job Was To Tell The King To Stand Whenever the National Anthem Was Played !

THE FAIRY QUEEN A 153 - Year - Old STEAM LOCOMOTIVE, Still Operates Between New Delhi And Alwar, India !

FOUR EYED FISH ! Of Central And South America Have Eyes Divided Into halves Allowing Them To See Above And Below The Water At The Same Time !

IT'S AGAINST THE LAW In Houma, LA, To Operate Barber Shops On Sundays And Mondays. Just Ask Barber CLYDE SCOTT, Who Was Caught Working On Monday, May 19, AND TICKETED !

LARRY JOHNSON Of California Left His Finances And Possessions To Juniata College, Including His Car, His $1.3 Million Condominium, HIS HANDGUN And a Collection Of 1,500 CDS, ALONG WITH THE TASK OF CARING FOR HIS CAT !

"CHESS BOXING" Is A European Sport Alternate BOXING And PLAYING CHESS, Winning By Knocking Out Their Opponent Or Declaring Checkmate !

An Estimated 300 MILLION People Play BASKETBALL In China . A Number More Than TWICE THE TOTAL POPULATION OF JAPAN !

ALEXIS LEMAIRE Of France Can Find The 13th ROOT Of A 200 - DIGIT NUMBER, Calculating The Correct Answer In HIS HEAD From Among 395 TRILLION Possible Answers, In Under 71 SECONDS !

During a 27 - HOUR Surgery In Bihar, India, A Team Of 30 Doctors Removed 2 EXTRA ARMS, 2 EXTRA LEGS And AN EXTRA TORSO From 2 - Year - Old Girl, LAXSHMI TATMA !

EVERY MONTH For 33 Years, An Anonymous Donor Has Left A MONEY - FILLED ENVELOPE At A Police Station In A TOCHIGI, JAPAN, With Instructions To Help The Needy !

The GEMSBOK Of Africa Can Exist Without Drinking Water.

BARRY MCROY Was Saved From A SHOOTING In Walterboro, S.C., By A DVD In His Jacket POCKET Which Stopped THE BULLET !

THE SUN Emits Light In The Form Of Many Colors That Combine To Give Us WHITE LIGHT On The Earth.

BRIAN "YOUNG GUN" KRAUSE Of Jackson, Mich, USA, Spit A Cherry Pit 56 FEET, 7 1/2INCHES, To Win The 2008 International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship, OUT - SPITTING HIS FATHER, THE DEFENDING CHAMPION, BY 6 INCHES !

On July 15, 2008, THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE Helped Carry Two Dead Balinese Nobles Through The Streets In Their 90 - FOOT - HIGH PYRES And Thousands Of Onlookers Attended The Ensuing Cremation !

SKAMANIA COUNTY, WASHINGTON, USA, Ordinance 69 - 01 Details Penalties For Harming A SASQUATCH - A Mythical Beast Whose Existence Has Never Been Confirmed !

SLEEPY CEPHALOPOD ! The Australian Giant Cuttlefish SPEND 95% OF IT'S DAY RESTING !
80 - YEAR - OLD BERNT AUNE Of Norway Received A Cornea Transplant In 1958, From A Man Born In 1885, At 123 YEARS OLD, Aune's Cornea Is Believed To Be The OLDEST LIVING HUMAN ORGAN !

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