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Friday, September 18, 2009

Harness The Online Masses for Logo Design

I Love to work on Computer..I'm a designer by passion love to work on Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw. From last one month I was taking part in LOGO TOURNAMENT. Here you got lots of designer who designs a logo for your bussiness & submits entries. The winner nets your prepaid bounty, and you get full rights to the logo.

Some company owner's was little skeptical about turning to the online community rather than relying on a single designer. But only a few days into your contest you get few submissions that could work, among dozens other attempts. As you get closer to your deadline more designers will add entries. If you don't get at least 30 entries, Logotournament offers a refund.

The process still relies on your direction, just as in traditional design work. You fill out an initial identity questionare describing the bussiness or product. A dozen slider help you decide how playful or serious and how quiet or loud the logo should be.

As designers upload their pitches, you rank the results and provide more feedback. Everyone sees this process, so if something is wrong for your needs, others will know to avoid similer pitfalls. It's surprisingly interactive while still being simple.

At the end of the contest, you pick the final winner. That person uploads an .EPS file that will work great for a letterhead, Web design, or any other use. Once you've appored it, Logotournament transfers the winning prize that it has held in escrow, minus a 15 percent fee.

the process and low cost are ideal for small bussinesses and startups. But medium-size companies could benefit from the brainstorming, too even if they can afford a dedicated designer.

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