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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What is Compilers? Use of Compilers in C-Sharp

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All languages have a vocabulary, which is a list of words that have a specific meaning in that language. Languages also have their own grammar rules, which state the rules, which state the rules for combining words to form sentences.

This is what ensures that whatever is spoken in a particular language is interpreted similarly by all people who understand the language. Similarly, programming languages also have a vocabulary , which is referred to as the set of keywords of that language, and a grammar, which is referred to as the syntax.
Does this mean that computers can directly interpret the instructions written in any programming language? No, they cannot. Then, how do you ensure that a computer executes the instructions from a program as intended? what would you do if you got hold of a recipe for a delicious dish written in a foreign language that you do not understand? You would get it translated to English or any other language you understand to be able to prepare the dish. Similarly, you need a translator to convert the instructions written in a programming language to machine language.

A compiler is a special program that processes the statements written in a particular programming language and converts them into machine language. Like everything else in the computer, the compiler also follows the Input-Process-Output (I-P-O) cycle.

It takes the programming language. These instructions can then be executed by the computer. This process of conversion is called compilation. For each programming language, there is a different Compiler available. For example, for compiling a program written in the C language, you require a C compiler. For a Java program, you require a Java compiler. For  C# programs, you will use the csc compiler.

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